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Any Librarian Will Do
Carla Waddell
Sarah Cooper
Lance Day
Lori Northrup
Beth Ashmore
Jaro Szurek
Rachel Cohen
Jennifer Taylor
Lauren Young
Becky Hyde
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Archives/Special Collection instruction
Citations and documentation refresher
Distance learning: Librarian-led online overview via Web conferencing
Distance learning: Students watch video(s) and complete pre- and post-surveys
Evaluating resources
Government sources
IRB & IACUC literature searches
Information literacy assignment enhancement NEW!
Introduction to Samford Library resources
Narrowing a topic, picking keywords
Online library module + quiz – embeddable in Canvas NEW!
Open access and predatory publishing
Peer review: What it is, why it matters
Pictorial projects: Accessing, using, and citing multimedia
Primary sources
QEP-related instruction NEW!
Research dissemination options: Posters, papers, articles
Return visit: Brief review/individual student consults with librarians
Scholarly sources
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